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Getting Ideas from My Day Job

I had a wonderful half-hour-plus interview last week with a real estate reporter from the Wall Street Journal. She called because she’s intrigued by my dual career as Realtor and author of a mystery series with an amateur sleuth who just happens to be a real estate agent. Vicki Doudera here, hoping that the article […]

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Standing Up for Words

As writers, we are constantly telling ourselves to keep our butts in our chairs and get those words on the page. Vicki Doudera here. We’re right to realize that focusing on the task at hand – rather than social networking, shopping or making fudge – will help the pages pile up. But new studies show […]

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August in Maine means lobster, so that’s just what we cooked up last night for son Nate who was visiting from Burlington, Vermont.  The night was humid, but not too hot, and we sat on the deck overlooking the backyard and feasted on clams, corn, salad, potatoes, steak – and lobster.  It was the kind […]

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DEADLY OFFER Party at Cellardoor Winery

On Thursday, April 5th, join me for the the launch of Darby’s newest mystery… DEADLY OFFER,  at the beautiful Cellardoor Winery, from 5 to 7 p.m. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to send DEADLY OFFER out into the world than this lovely winery and vineyard.  Join me to talk mysteries, buy your copy […]

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Darby Farr’s Typical Day

Beep, beep, beep… I jump out of bed, silence the alarm, and grab my smart phone from the dresser. I’m an agent. Not a secret agent, not a double agent, but a real estate agent. Showings? Listings? Offers? No matter what the morning, this Realtor’s ready to find the house of your dreams, list a […]

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Devouring a Mystery

On Saturday, I blew off my seven a.m. bike group and instead went yardsailing in Camden and Rockport with my mom and daughter Lexi. (For those of you “from away,” yardsailing is alot like real sailing, except you don’t need any wind, nor do you need a boat.  Just lots of singles, the yard sale […]

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Words on the Page

It’s July, it’s summer, and I’ve started to write the fourth Darby Farr Mystery. There’s nothing more exciting to me than getting a new book underway. First, I find one of my kids’ cast off spiral bound notebooks (usually labeled “Social Studies” or “Language Arts”) and I flip to the clean pages. Where will this mystery take place? […]

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