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Welcome 2017!

A new year… a fresh start. Still, I can’t help but look back on 2016 with gratitude for the many things that happened… some good, some not so good, but since I choose to focus on the GOOD (most of the time, anyway!) I’m thinking about the many ‘firsts’ that I accomplished. I’ll share them […]

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Camden’s Christmas By The Sea

Vicki Doudera here, ready to celebrate the season with our 28th Annual Christmas by the Sea Celebration, which gets underway Friday, December 5th here in Midcoast Maine. If you want to get in the holiday spirit, it would be an absolute crime to skip this weekend-long event. There are loads of fun adult and family-friendly […]

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Crime and the Jewel of the Maine Coast

We crime writers are often asked where we get our ideas. Do we conjure them up like magicians? Keep inspirational dream journals? Scribble down snippets of snatched conversations? Sometimes, it seems, we merely have to live in the right little town. Vicki Doudera here, and as you know from many of my past posts, I […]

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The Tale of the Naturalist’s Log

There are books we love because they move us, maybe even change the way we live our life. Vicki Doudera here. Don’t worry —  I’m not going to talk about The Goldfinch again. (But that post’s available here if you didn’t get to read it the first time…) Other books scare the Holy Hannahs out […]

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Edgar Allan Poe Explains it All

Early on, I admired the work of  Edgar Allan Poe, thanks mostly to my mother who read out loud to me his very creepy short story The Gold Bug. It was about a man obsessed with searching for treasure after being bitten by an insect thought to be made of pure gold. The bug was […]

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What Lies Beneath

I became a diver in 1986, taking an open water SCUBA class at the YMCA on Huntington Avenue in Boston. I was in my early 20’s and had always been drawn to the ocean. Growing up through the 70’s, Jacques Cousteau and his boat Calypso were huge influences on me, but also my father was […]

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I Scream, You Scream… the Pig Screams?

Okay, so you’re walking down a quiet street in China, Maine, with your dog. He’s sniffing the mounds of dirty snow and you’re imagining what you might eat for lunch. Out of the blue  – an ear-splitting scream. It pierces the silence of this rambling country road and raises the little hairs on the back […]

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So Thrilled! My latest news…

The world of writing can be fraught with disappointment.  The agent who doesn’t want to take on new clients.  The editor who isn’t totally pleased with your series. The less-than-favorable review in just about anything from the local rag to Publishers Weekly. Of those three scenarios, I’m relieved to say that only the first has […]

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Thank you, Sarah Graves!

I lead a double life. Vicki Doudera here. Most of you know me as the author of the Darby Farr Mysteries, a series that stars an Asian American real estate agent who solves crimes and makes deals.  Final Settlement is the fourth book in the series, with Deal Killer due out in April.  I’ve also […]

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Sam Spade and Me

The other day, while out at our camp in Lincolnville, I pulled an old hardcover mystery anthology from 1959 off the shelf, flipped to the first entry, and started reading. The selection was The Maltese Falcon, written in 1930 by Dashiel Hammett. As the editor of Ten Great Mysteries noted, an auspicious way to start […]

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